Start Your Travel Plans With A Flight Checker

Did this thought ever cross your mind?

“It has been all work and no play for me in the past six months. For quite a VERY long time now, I have been looking forward to a long vacation which I intend to spend with my whole family. I badly need a timeout. Luckily, in a month’s time, I will finally have that chance to break free from my daily office routine and my nagging boss. I really hope that nothing would go wrong with that trip.”

I have been in that same spot for a couple of times or so and I know how it feels to go obsessive-compulsive on a much-awaited trip.

Well, the only solution to that is to plan ahead. Plan everything – check visa requirements (if applicable), the flight, the hotel accommodation, your itinerary. Start with picking that perfect place, city, or country that’s worthy to spend your vacation. Then check you budget. No matter what place you intend to visit, there will always be something to suit your budget.

Next, check out a flight checker and compare airfare prices. This is a must so you can stretch your budget. You’ll be surprised that there are plenty of airlines flying to your destination offering the coveted seat sales. I learned this on a holiday to Italy. I thought we were stuck with an expensive European airline but luckily, as I kept on doing research I found a budget airline based in the Gulf. From Dubai, we flew to Qatar and took a connecting flight to Rome. Originally, we only intended to visit Rome, Tuscany, and Venice. But due to the inexpensive airfare, we were also able to visit Milan.

Then, explore all your hotel accommodation options in the many online directories. Try to get hotel deals which offer complimentary breakfast or Wifi at the very least. If you can, choose an accommodation near a train station or taxi stand, it will save you a lot of time.

After that, you can move on to plan the the tours you wish to take. Check if you need to buy ahead museum tickets. Some exclusive museums have a long waiting time and on some occasions, you have to buy a month in advance. For example, if you want to view Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Last Supper in a small chapel in Milan, tourists are advised to book ahead. We bought our museum tickets two months ahead just to be sure. If you intend to take bus tours, read and opt for those that will give you more out of your money. In Paris, there’s a tour operator which gives you a free boat cruise by the River Seine if you purchase bus tour that is good for two days.

Happy travel!

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