Stocking Filler: Bling-up Poppies

Flower power is back, this time in the form of the humble Poppies. Celebrities, television personalities, and even the Royal couple are sporting glittery poppies as accessory in the form of brooch and headband among others.

The Royal Couple and Katy Perry approve of the Poppy bling

Embracing the trend, traditional jewelers are decking the red poppies with swarovski crystals as they transform them to cufflinks, hair pins, and friendship bracelets. If you have a fashion forward lady, any of these will definitely please her.

But if we are on the same boat and struggling with a tight budget, you might want to check some coupons for Proflowers. They have an array of beautiful fresh flower arrangements that is sure to melt any heart. Take a look:

Gorgeous Fall Sunflowers

Sure it is not glitzy or decked in crystals but remember, it is the thought that counts.


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