Taking Care Of Your Swimsuit

I finally found the swimsuit of my life. ((^_^))

I have been wearing it at every chance since buying it from Tchibo three months ago. I adore it so much that I did not risk wearing it on a day trip to Pattaya. I am not ready to share it with salt water and sand no matter how glorious that beach there.

Anyway, this is a must-do for people who go to great lengths on swimming pool style. Without further ado, make your designer swimsuit and bikinis go from summer to summer without having to worry about frays and sags.

1. To prevent slipping, pools are often surrounded by rough material such as concrete. Lay down a towel before you sit or lie (that’s the reason those 5-star hotels give you three pool towels per person) to keep concrete from fraying and picking at your suit. You can find small mats made specifically for sitting on poolside concrete to help protect your bathing suit bottom.

2. No matter what the label says, swimsuits are best to hand wash instead. Make it a habit to wash it with gentle soap and cold water right after use. Whether you came from the beach or swimming pool, it is important to remove chlorine, sand and sea water.

3. After washing, squeeze excess water, roll in a towel, and hang to dry indoors. Avoid hanging them outdoors especially if they are of dark colors.

4. Swimsuits hold their original shape longer if you give them a break between uses(this I’m guilty!). Wear the lighter colored suit on the days you plan to sun bathe as bright colors are more vulnerable to fading from sun.

5. At the end of the season, lay your swimsuit flat to preserve its shape rather than stuffing it in a drawer.

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