Ted Baker For Contemporary, Stylish Clothing

Somebody is turning a year wiser this week ((^_^))

My dear husband is celebrating his 37th birthday come Wednesday. Fortunately, my present, which I bought from TucciStore arrived via courier yesterday. Now I can concentrate putting together a menu for his staff lunch. But before I go, I wish to share what I wrapped for him. And no, I am not spoiling any surprise because Hubby only gets to read my blog on weekends =D

Ted Baker Mens Jamhot Navy Blue Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirt

Ted baker Mens Bogdan Black Wallet & Cufflink Gift Set

Ted Baker Mens Ventilo Black & Chocolate Brown Leather Belt (this is no longer a gift since he need a new belt for his business suit)

I know a lot of you are buying presents online. It is so much more convenient — more so if you lack the time (and patience) to fight your way through the thick crowd of Christmas shoppers.  For this year, I bought him Ted Baker clothing items. I searched thoroughly online for authentic stockist of the British designer clothing and found them at TucciStore.  I am completely satisfied with my online purchase and the customer service that is why decided to post in case you are still wondering where to buy and what to give your special man for the holidays.

Ted Baker is British retail company which started in 1988. They initially offered men’s dress shirts. The unique twists, contemporary yet stylish clothes pleased the customers and soon, without advertising, the clothing company quickly became a UK designer label by word of mouth.Today, Ted Baker has become a global brand, which produces men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and also fragrances, eyewear and accessories. It also sells a range of cosmetics under the name Ted Baker Bodywear. I share with you my pick from their Ted Baker Dresses. Simply accesorise with a statement necklace and clutch and I think it’s perfect for the numerous corporate Christmas parties you will attend.

Ted Baker Women’s Dea Black Printed Dress.

Its founder and CEO, Ray Kelvin is a revered business leader and often hailed as a perfect example of 21st century entrepreneur. The Ted Baker owner is also often invited by universities to speak about management and business leadership.

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  2. Boden Coupon says:

    Wow, this is really great. The authors choose to do a very good gift for her husband. This brand of clothes is really well. Whether the appearance of design or models is very handsome. They are suitable for the 30-40 year-old man.

  3. Kaye T. says:

    Glad you found something really nice for your man…I always find it hard to decide what to get for my hubby.

  4. I did all my Christmas shopping online this year too and it was such a relief! I was even able to order a custom fit dress shirt for my husband without having to drag him shopping (something we both hate). All I had to do was pop in his measurements and voila!

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