Thailand’s Floating Market

For this week’s Colorful Weekend edition, I share a postcard I receive last week from Thailand. This was sent to me by blogger friend, Cheerful.

Thailand’s floating markets are among the most-photographed destinations in the country. The river and ‘klong’ markets give a realistic glance of how daily life must have been in earlier times. The floating markets are where the sellers, their boats laden with a wide variety of tropical fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh produce, come to meet and barter their products with other traders. These days, modern supermarkets and department stores have largely replaced the traditional floating markets, but a few still survive.

The most popular floating market, one of the must-see one-day trips from Bangkok, is at Ratchaburi, about 101 km to the west of Bangkok. The Ratchaburi market is the largest of its kind, attracting a large number of tourists each day. The lively and colorful images of boat vendors trading their agricultural products is one of the most fascinating and endearing images of Thailand.

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2 Responses to Thailand’s Floating Market

  1. Daisy says:

    oh Thailand. Few weeks back, it was floating Thailand. I’m glad the flood waters are subsiding already.

    visiting from colorful weekend.

  2. May says:

    Amazing Thailand! My sister was there last week and she brought back tales of fun market sprees, elephant riding, temple visiting and bargain hunting! Despite the flood, she and her friends were able to enjoy the lovely sights of Bangkok. I haven’t been back myself in a long time but it would be so lovely to actually experience the floating markets! My memories of those are rather hazy.

    Thanks dear for keeping up with Colorful Weekend even though I am turning out to be a dreadful host. Hahaha. I super appreciate your continued ‘patronage.’ 😀 Hope you don’t tire!

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