That Pink Motorcyle Helmet

Sixteen shows for two weekends. Two freestyle motocross stunt shows every Friday and Saturday and each show lasts for one hour.  You would think there has to be eight motorcycle riders. But there’s only four of them and they are the only people doing the whole show – all sixteen of it.

Unbelievable. I muttered to myself when I realized this. We are on to watch the fourth show – and all riders are wearing whatever Arai XD4 helmets and suits they had last time.

Turning to my husband, “They are still wearing the same suits from last weekend’s show?”

“Baby, they are athletes. They are not fashion people who needs to change clothes every time. Besides, their sponsors may be written all over their bike suits and helmets. They had to be seen every time they do a trick. Look there goes the pink helmet again.”

Of all the riders, one stood out in flash pink helmet. They call him the combination king because he does two-three stunts everytime he is up in the air. Neon colors really is suitable in sport. So if you wish to stand out next marathon or next skating event, try something more livelier than white or yellow. You are easier to follow and recognized.


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