The Exclusive Travel Group Company Expands to GCC

While waiting in line to pay for jack screws, G and I talked about Eid travel plans. They are thinking of a getaway to Sofitel Palm Jumeirah as recommended by their travel agent. When she asked of our plans, I mentioned our agent sent us a luxury travel brochure from The Exclusive Travel Group and that we are currently holding any holiday plans and save up for something a little more special. G intrigued, asked to know more about the travel company we recently came to know about.

Laucala is rated as among the top 3 best island resorts in the world.

Ultra-luxury travel company The Exclusive Travel Group has expanded to the GCC, introducing a new class of luxury travel for discerning travellers. Architects of refined experiential travel, The Exclusive Travel Group is an inbound destination-management company designing bespoke and personalised travel experiences to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

With the dynamics of luxury travel changing worldwide, conspicuous consumption is giving way to demand for quality at the best value, the rarest experiences and new destinations that are off-the-beaten-track. As international leisure travellers from the GCC follow the same trend, The Exclusive Travel Group expects its focus on personalised travel to some of the most aspirational and sought-after destinations in Australasia will attract a loyal following from the region.

The romantics setting of Kauri Cliffs is among the top destination for wedded couples.

“Luxury travellers today are no longer drawn by ostentatious services; they have moved towards a quieter, understated luxury, and plan their trips with a focus on authenticity and individualised, experiential travel.

“The spectacular landscapes and unspoilt nature found in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific introduces a new class of luxury to travellers from the GCC who demand more privacy and a more discreet style of indulgence,” said Rob Young, Founder & Managing Director, The Exclusive Travel Group.

Headquartered in New Zealand with an office in Australia and sales representatives in the GCC, Russia, UK and North America, The Exclusive Travel Group crafts ultra-luxury travel experiences across three categories – leisure, corporate and VIP, offering a collection of experiences to suit every taste. From simple to sophisticated, understated to indulgent, or relaxing to thrill-seeking, The Exclusive Travel Group’s itineraries are as individual as the travellers who book them.

Eagles Nest Private Beach is an emerging new exclusive luxury destination.

Over the past 11 years, The Exclusive Travel Group has grown from a small travel company to one of the most revered names in ultra-luxury travel. With its services used by some of the most discerning travellers in the world, The Exclusive Travel Group’s private guestbook reads like a veritable who’s who of business leaders, celebrities, royalty and oligarchs.

The Exclusive Travel Group’s meticulous attention to the smallest of details grants its guests total peace of mind throughout their journeys. Thanks to an exceptional partner network, The Exclusive Travel Group can open doors to places and experiences not normally accessible to the general public.

The Exclusive Travel Group has partnered with New Zealand’s top luxury accommodation providers, several of which are regularly rated in the world’s top 10. It is also the exclusive representative for Laucala Island in Fiji, rated among the top three luxury island resorts in the world. In addition to its network of world class lodges and 5 Star international hotels, The Exclusive Travel Group can arrange access to private islands and retreats, private jets and helicopters, luxury yachts, motor craft and personal chefs.

“We aim to open the eyes of the world to the beauty and sophistication of New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Australia is already a popular destination for many GCC nationals, with 80,000 visiting the Gold Coast every year. We want to encourage this group, and others from the region, to explore multi-journey vacations that include New Zealand and the South Pacific, sharing with them authentic cultural experiences that exceed their expectations,” said Young.

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