The Little Nude Dress

We have the little black dress, the little white dress, and now classic styling adds  the little nude dress.  I bought mine two summers ago. The flowing thin fabric makes it quiet delicate I wish to reserve it on special days. It is one of my favorite piece too for the peach cream shade and can become really chic and elegant with the right accessories.

Little nude dress by H&M and pink python print shoes by New Look

The nude or flesh color can be tricky to pull off. You must pick the right shade to compliment your skin tone or risk looking pale and washed out. Nudes comes in all shades now from camel to cocoa to peach blush. If you want an alluring look, get the color closest to your skin ton then add some sparkling accessories or contrast shoes to keep it all from being too matte. Some other points to consider when rockin’ the nude dress:

1. Start with the perfect underwear. Get those lacy bra and knickers in flesh tones.

2. Nude means flesh and you wish to appear classic or sweet in it. Avoid styles with plunging necklines or anything that shows more bare skin. The color itself is already sexy.

3. Except for your underwear, avoid anything flesh color that is too tight or clings to you like a second skin. You do not want to be  looking all wrinkly do you?

4. Nude is best accessorized with metal or anything sparkly. Get a slim belt with gold buckle, pin an amethyst brooch, dangle a metal clutch on your wrist, wear chandelier earrings, etc.

5. The nude dress is best flowing hence all body type can wear it. Opt for chiffon with ruffle details then gather them at your waist to create shape.

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4 Responses to The Little Nude Dress

  1. genefaith says:

    you look fabulous sis! I don’t have little nude dress…yet. Thanks for the tips and I’ll look for a LND for myself to try:)

  2. Pepper Tan says:

    I definitely must get myself a nude dress. That looks great on you. A nude dress is an excellent palette for embellishments of all kinds.

  3. It is so pretty. I would think too, it would be a good foundational piece to layer up!

  4. Franziska says:

    dang, now I’m convinced I need a nude dress too. You look beautiful!

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