The Mid-Week Pamper Session

To keep stress at bay, I find myself falling into a routine of mid-week pampering. Nothing expensive, just some classic and thorough face cleansing and hydration on Wednesday nights. Then, if i still have some time left, a run a warm bubble bath.

Here are my current favorite mid-week pampering products.

Mini-facial treats!

1. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This is the best exfoliating product I have come across. It is so gentle on skin that you can use for daily use. I don’t however. I stick to the rule, scrub your face once a week. This is a rice-based product so it comes out like a a white starch powder. You add little water on your palm, make a creamy paste then apply and rinse thoroughly.

2. Green Bar Middle Eastern Rosewater Blend. After deep cleansing, I spritz this on my face to cleanse away any residue and prepare for hydrating face mask. That’s the taller brown bottle.

3. Nivea Nourishing Honey Mask. It depends on whatever face mask I currently have (I am a big fan of Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle)  but generally, I pick those that are intended for deep moisturizing.

4. Green Bar Face Elixir. There are face mask that you don’t have to rinse off but simply wipe off after 10 minutes. If I have to rinse it off, I continue with my regular routine of night time moisturizer. Presently, I am enjoying face oils which you can also use to nourish your eyelashes and lips. This one is made from pure rice bran, a proud export of Bahrain.

5. The Kiss Lip Gloss. After all the oily stuff, I reach for a yummy lip gloss to cap the routine then off to bedtime reading. Makes me feel so girly!

When time gives me a chance, I go for a warm soak with bubble bath or bath salts then open a tub of body butter to complete the mid-week pampering. I am currently enjoying Champneys Spa Treatments Relaxing Body Butter (sold at Boots). It is a rich, creamy formula without being greasy. Smells clean and comforting with lavender and sweet almond oil. But best of all, it is easily absorbed by skin that you feel baby soft for hours and hours.

How about you? What do you do for mid-week pampering? Change nail polish, bubble bath, facial, or simply  good, long, deep sleep? Share us!

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3 Responses to The Mid-Week Pamper Session

  1. Jo-Ann says:

    Ever since I trust Nivea products, any of their product will do. I love the quality of their lotion and face creams.

  2. Whatever ways we have in mind, it is always important to pamper ourselves once in a while. We somehow need the “ME” time 🙂

  3. I wish I could pamper myself mid-week. Most days I have to wait for the weekend. If not, the end of the month, haha!

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