The Stylish Shopper’s Meme

1. Print etiquette, please.

**You owe it to yourself to look presentable. Keep your hair long no matter what they say and keep a lip gloss handy. Befriend make-up but don’t wear one all the time. People who thinks otherwise of make-up loving girls don’t love themselves that much.

2. What should no wardrobe be without?

**Great statement jewellry

3. Where do you head for a bargain?

**Monthly Dubai flea market and H&M at IBN Batuta Mall (where you find discount clothes and accessories everyday of the year!)

4. Recent tip you learned from the store’s fashion stylist.

**Wear a large bag with little skirts, small shoulder bags with maxi dress, and clutch with cocktail dresses. Opt for a clutch too if you don’t know anybody in the party to keep your nerves steady.

5. What do you buy when you need a lift?

**Lingerie. I love them in pairs, i love them in shiny silk fabric. I love them in laces BUT I don’t like them with animal print LOL!

6. Any accessory must have?

**The boyfriend watch.

7. Any must click?

**I like for new clothes and shoes and bags  and for new beauty products to try.

8. What do you bulk buy?

**Milk. I cannot live a day without drinking milk.

9. Who is your latest style crush?

**Miranda Kerr. She is just gorgeous in absolutely anything.

10. What is your most treasured item>

**A set of gold jewelry Hubby bought from Saudi Arabia.

11. What beauty secret do you swear by?

**Get plenty of sleep.

12. Finally, what are the best things in life?

**Morning walks with my little boy, holding hands with Hubby, and Further Reduction notice on display windows.

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