Thrift Hunt: H&M Jersey Maxi Dress

On my early days of discovering H&M, my first thought was to buy a maxi dress for keeps. It’s  a wardrobe staple in Dubai hence a little more expensive – that I bought all of mine at Carrefour supermarket. But after three years of popping in and out of H&M store, I never saw a maxi dress that fits me length wise. Always, the hemline touches the floor or some 2 inches longer than I would want them to. Maybe they are mean to be worn with wedges  but I like wearing maxi-dress with flipflops.

Until last winter, I saw a light orange jersey dress that I soo wanted badly because it was only for $10 lol. Fortunately, the hemline was perfect and I bought what is probably my one and only maxi from H&M.

At Christian Louboutin Exhibition for their 20-year celebration.


Calligraphy Earings from S*uce Dubai

Jersey Maxi Dress from H&M

Flip Flops by Koton


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