Thrift Hunt: H&M Purple Lace Dress

I almost screamed when I saw this on the the discount rack. I’ve been wanting a lace dress for like forever but they are soo out of my budget. Hubby’s been hinting I buy a leather jacket (cause he bought himself two this year lol) but I decline — almost telling him, “can I buy a lace dress instead?” But you know men, they will buy you anything that you can use NOW. Not something you can use six months from now. Nobody wears a lace dress these days when temperature is dropping to negative.

Anyway, this dress is originally sold for $29.95 but I was able to buy it for $6.

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  1. Maricel Tan says:

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  2. woohoo! what a deal on that lovely lace dress Sis. The dress is very pretty, love it l:-) Visiting from Crazy Over Purple Saturdays. Hope that you can return the visit too.

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