Thrift Hunt: H&M Swan Crop Top

Since finding that almost-perfect jeans at New Look, I stopped hoarding frocks. I say almost perfect because the length is 4-inches long so I have to fold in the hem. It’s actually the primary reason why I don’t like buying/wearing jeans. I need that perfect, tailored length for a more polished look. I don’t feel hip folding it in. I feel lousy. Aaargh.

Anyway, my love affair for blouses started at 25. You can read all about it here – and I never looked back. My grandmother, who I consider my greatest fashion influence, also opts to wear blouses. Back when she was teaching or coaching volleyball team, she’ll haveĀ  a white buttoned shirt. I rarely saw her in cotton shirt – even when she is at home doing chores or watching telenovela. Gosh, i can’t wait to raid her closet when I get home =D

Two weeks ago, H&M had another massive sale and I found this:

A polyester silk crop top with a photo of swan gliding on a blue-skied stream. It reminded me of the Black Swan movie. The back is cut longer and has sexy buttons all the way to the top.It was originally sold for $13 but was able to buy it for $6.50 (20AED)

I wore it over the weekend when we visited the traveling Da Vinci Exhibit at Burjuman Mall.


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