Tips To Secure Valuables While On A Holiday

I was at Borders Bookstore today looking for a map when I came across a complimentary magazine called Voyage by Dnata Travel Agency. It was probably left by one customer so I picked it up and browsed while standing to wait for the cashier.

I read some valuable tips on securing your belongings so I would like to share them with you.

A.) Before You Travel

1. Do some research. Read up on the area you are travelling to; find out if there is anything you shoul extra vigilant about when visiting, or any places that should be given a wider berth.

2. Find out where your closes embassy is located.

3. Remove anything you won’t need from your wallet/purse like extra credit cards.

4. Inform your bank of your trip and make a note of their contact details. Keep track of account and credit card transactions by signing up for SMS notifications.

5. Make extra copies of your passports and documents. Include a copy in your check-in baggage. Scan and email them to yourself so you can access anywhere online.

6. Don’t place all your documents and cash in the same place.

7. Specialised products like concealed money belts and secret pockets are readily available.

8. Buy a travel insurance.

While You’re There

1. Be aware of your surroundings.Try not to wear expensive watches or jewellery in crowded areas.

2. Be especially wary with backpacks – use padlocks to secure zippers.

3. Never leave your bags or documents unattended in a public place.

4. Hotels are typically not responsible for anything stolen from (or lost) in your room and that includes the in-room safe. If there’s a main safe at the reception, use that instead as it will be a lot more secure.

5. Avoid carrying large sums of money. If you must, split the money to your companions and store it in different places.

6. Try not to leave your cards out of sight. Have waiters and shop assistants process transactions within your sight to avoid fraud and cloning.

7. In the event you are robbed, contact the local police immediately, get a statement and reference number and use them when you contact your bank and embassy straight afterwards.

After You’re Home

1. Put your passport and valuables back in their proper place.

2. Check your next bank statement  to make sure nothing looks out-of-the ordinary.

By being cautious, you can avoid unnecessary stress and enjoy a worry-free holiday.


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