Top 5 Asia Hotels With Water Feature

There comes a point in our travels when hotel interior matters. No longer were we satisfied with just bed and breakfast but we look forward to a stay full of surprises in a fabulous hotel. We could be touring Thailand by foot for three consecutive days and on the fourth day, you just wish to stay inside your hotel, rest your tired feet, indulge in a spa, and lounge by the swimming pool then marvel the stunning interior and features.

I share with you today some of Asia’s best hotels with most beautiful water features.

1. Six Senses, Hua Hin I Thailand

2. Asaba, Shizuoka, Ito, Japan

3. Hoshinoya, Kairuzaya, Japan

4. Altira, Macau China

5. Zuri Kumarakom Kerala, India

How about you, what hotels in Asia should make it in the list? Do let us know.

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2 Responses to Top 5 Asia Hotels With Water Feature

  1. Too bad. No hotel from the Philippines made the list but this one is an awesome list!!!

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