Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2014

Wow. Lot’s of things happening come spring break!

I will be attending a beach wedding come April as one of the bridesmaid for a long time expat friend. The wedding takes place in her groom’s home country and will be a two-day celebration. They are both a long time expat worker hence they have friends flying all over the world. I already got my visa approved hence I can start planning what to wear. Aside from the dress for the big day itself, I will also need cocktail dresses and evening dresses.

There’s four of us bridemaids and the couple is letting us choose the style for as long as we stick to the colour motif that is purple. We’ve been chatting on Skype for the designs and along the way, we learned the most popular trends for bridesmaid dresses. If you are also planning your wedding, you might find these notes helpful.

1. Gorgeous Back Details. It seems the back view is quiet the rage nowadays. After all wedding is mingling and one must look fabulous from all angle! Bowknot, keyhole, ruffles, slash all make for back trends that bridesmaid can flaunt with an up-do hair.

2. Lace Dresses. Romantic with a vintage appeal, these are perfect for those wanting a classic look that will remain stunning as you look back on your wedding pictures 10 years from now. This style is also easier to find with so many ready to wear lace dress or part lace gowns in the market.

3. Two-tone Dresses. Chic and trendy, a wedding with bridesmaid in two-toned dresses is always fun! If a couple are both carefree and wants a relaxed atmosphere, this type of trend can signal let’s all have fun on the wedding!

4. Asymmetrical neckline/hemline. One shoulder neckline or hi-low hemline, the trend is here to stay. If bridesmaid can boast toned upper body, they can’t go wrong with this style.

5. Metallic Dresses. With a hint of glitz and sparkle, metallic dresses for bridesmaid provide fool-proof glamor in any wedding. Have them in knee lengths for maximum appeal and to keep it easy on eyes.

All gorgeous dresses above are from Victoria’s Dress, a online clothing shop based in UK. Since discovering the site over the holidays, I have been hooked! It’s everything you need to make you feel and look glamorous particularly on those special occasions. They have prom dresses, formal dresses, evening gowns, and a gorgeous line up of wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

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