Top 5 Cheap Island Getaways

While waiting for our kids to finish their swimming (or rather water play) session at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, we mothers got the chance to share summer holiday plans. We have barely  a month to finalize details since classes will end middle of June. As I have previously posted, we are giving Europe  a rest and will head to Thailand. But what’s keeping me from booking our flights is the question: Bangkok or Phuket? City break or an island getaway?

I was secretly glad we got the chance to talk about summer holiday plans because I hope to get some idea and help me finally decide. Never mind asking the husband because he always leave up vacationing planning to me. He’s just too busy with work that usually I brief him on our destination just a couple of days before we travel. As for my little boy, he too could not care less where we land for as long as there is a swimming pool or  a beach nearby.

There were six of us waiting and talking and surprisingly, most of them were looking forward to an island getaway. Their kids are a lot older than my son and it seems the mention of island to boys and grown up men evokes images of pirates and one big adventure.

I asked if vacation trips like these were expensive, given that you have to cruise – after  a long haul flight – to reach these islands. And they all replied, unless you are going to Maldives or Seychelles, usually it is the city break that is more expensive than living on an island for a week.

Coupled with my online search and their recommendation, here are some five island getaways to suit your budget:

Picturesque Jersey Island

1. Cheap holidays to Jersey, Channel Islands are very popular among families. It is less crowded, plenty of sun, glorious sand, and breathtaking nature. Families will enjoy exploring the fortress called Elizabeth castle, visiting the Jersey war tunnel, a trip to Jersey Lavender Farm, and  get up close with Andean Bears and Sumatran orangutans at the famous animal sanctuary.

2. Tenerife, Canary Island’s biggest is famous for its simple, relaxing, yet very rewarding holidays. Children will be thrilled to see Spain’s highest mountain via  cable lift, they will love the trips to jungle park, and adults can indulge in architecture with its many cathedrals.

3. Cyprus holidays are also a must with their steeped ancient heritage and endless breath taking beaches. Families will enjoy seeing places mentioned in the Bible and savour unique gastronomy blend of Greek, Arabic, and Mediterranean cuisine.

4. Those used to the multi-cultural life opt for Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It offers the world’s best snorkelling and dive sites without the hefty price tag. Walking with the lions and cheetahs are also very popular with tourists.

5. Dominican Republic holidays gives you the chance to enjoy all Caribbean island has to offer: lush national parks, dazzling beaches, exotic cuisine, and various water sports.

 And I must add too that an island holiday – particularly that of Channel Islands — will let you save money and a better option than staycation. Just be patient and do your research for there are plenty of inexpensive foreign holidays right now. You will get more value for your money, enjoy a better weather, explore a new place, — all very rewarding rather than staying home.

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16 Responses to Top 5 Cheap Island Getaways

  1. Nice traveling destination you suggested through this blog.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice choices. Island and beach holidays are perfect for summer vacation with the whole family. Happy summer to your family!

  3. Gene says:

    I’m a city girl and I’m so over the concrete jungle. I always want island getaways, sun, sea and sand are always relaxing to me. Good to know that there are also cheap island getaways out of the country.

  4. imriz says:

    enjoy your next travel!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hope to visit that part of the world. This June during the school holidays, together with family, we will invade Australia as our family getaway.:))

  6. Jeanne M-K says:

    Interesting places! Especially Channel Islands. I received a postcard from there a few months ago:D

  7. Carizza Chua says:

    wow great list. reading this post made me google those places for more photos. lovely places!

  8. tess says:

    the list is wonderful!!… I must mention this to the Husband. We are just starting with summer plans.

  9. Blanca says:

    I would love to go to Dominican Republic! A Caribbean holiday is one of my dreams!!

  10. Jersey looks really inviting!

  11. Sumi says:

    I would love to get a chance and visit any of these wonderful places within my lifetime. It’s been my dream to travel and go on an island adventure! ^^

  12. Lizzie says:

    I wanna visit all those on the list!…gotta save save save…cross my fingers for adventures next year.

  13. Marie says:

    Would love to spend a week in an island like Tenerife…so peaceful and calm!

  14. wow this is a great list indeed! i am so far done with our vacation for the summer. but for june, i am looking forward for an ex-deal with a mountain resort so that we can spend a weekend there. 😀

  15. wrey says:

    WOW!!! such lovely castle! I wish I could go there someday! 🙂

  16. Argee says:

    Great list! I ‘ve always wanted to go to those areas, away from the traditional places of destination.

    Those places look relaxing and rich with history 🙂

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