Top 5 Luxury Ski Holidays In Europe

Thank you to all those who enjoyed my post on how to prepare for your first ski holiday. Now that you have practiced religiously  indoor, the next step would be to consider your ski holiday location.

The  best time to learn to ski is during low season. The slopes are less crowded between January and March and you also get a nice snow powder. Needless to say, because it is low season, you might even afford to book a luxury ski holiday. This means you get the best of both worlds without paying as much in the peak season.

When booking a luxury ski holiday you will experience the friendliest staff, with the best training. Europe has the most luxurious apartments, hotels and chalets around. Here you will experience knowledgeable chalet hosts, fine dining with top of the range cuisine, swimming pool, spa, and you can expect a phone call from the resorts staff, just to make sure they have everything you need. This all works to your advantage as you can concentrate on your ski lessons.

If you are pondering on Europe, you might want to consider these locations:

1. France is always romantic for its mountain range offers stunning views. The country holds also the best snow reliability each year.

2. Austria is ideal for family ski holidays. It holds the best looking slopes and offers the most ski resorts in Europe with over 200 to choose from.

3. Switzerland is home to some of the greatest peaks in the Alps. It also boasts some of the world’s finest ski resorts.

4. Beginner or not, Italy is highly recommended for luxury ski holidays. You could choose to visit Pragelato resort, which holds two Olympic ski jumps. Or head to Claviere near the border of France., which is on the border of France. The village holds the best snow in the area they call the Milky Way.

5. Young people love Andorra for its lively night life and its government invests in better lifts. As with most places that draw a young crowd, snow boarding has a big following in Andorra. Most of the resorts now boast fun-parks and half-pipes amongst their facilities, and many areas are installing more chairs and gondolas. Tuition is excellent, and there is a lively après-board scene, with good cheap bars.


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