Top 5 Stylish Gadgets For Modern Men

Men and gadgets are inseparable. Back in college, I have heard remarks that they would trade their girlfriend for the latest phone yay! So if you are a lady reading this, you are probably looking for a present for your special man. Sometimes they do deserve to have the best of both worlds: a stunning, devoted girlfriend who wittingly knows he loves the latest gadgets for  a gift. Or if you a a bachelor simply looking around to incorporate technology in your apartment.

1. Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Men are known to have good sense of direction. But when treading a new road, new city, new country, they refuse at all to ask anybody to show them the way, least ask Dora to show them the map. Give them a GPS and they will find their way from A to B even when they’re too busy driving.

2. Smart Phone like the Motorola MC55 or other brands. It has revolutionized the way man think and live. It’s a phone yet a clever business class device, works like a mini computer, with music, and hundreds of applications to make life easier.

3. Digital and High speed cameras Nikon, Canon and tons of other camera makers provide digital cameras as one of the ten must-have gadgets for men. The SLR is a good example. You can capture countless memories and scenes in high quality in your daily life for ever.

4. A home theater system. Because it is every man’s dream to own the ultimate entertainment system. They can save money and gets the best seat in the house.

5. Keychain Alcohol Detector.This handy detector accurately distinguishes among five levels of blood alcohol content (BAC), yet it’s small enough to fit on a keychain.

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