Top Hairstyle Trends for Prom 2014

Although one of the most important elements of Prom involves finding the right dress, you want to make sure you complement it well with an amazing, swoon-worthy hairstyle. There are many looks to choose – from elaborate braids, pin-curled up-dos, French twists, and ballerina buns to long and luscious locks in variations ranging from straight to wavy. And once you score that dreamy prom dress (with stilettos and accessories to match), the next beauty-conscious task involves the hair look that you want to capture. You can gain style inspiration in all sorts of places – from your favorite how-to beauty and fashion blogs, video tutorials, Pinterest and Tumblr, red carpet event photos and even celebrity style magazines. But with the Prom Dresses 2013 season in full effect, it’s a good idea to start planning ahead and styling accordingly. Check out these top five versatile trends that will surely pair well with your look, whether you’re in search for floor-sweeping, long prom dresses to sassy, short prom dresses:

1. Crown Braid: If you have long locks, consider this creative, regal, and depending how you style it, edgy bohemian up-do that’s all rave with fashion icons like Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Alba and more. With its almost classic Elizabethan flair, this style can easily work from day into night and conveys a youthful touch that works perfectly with your prom dress. And if you’re the type of girl who loves keeping her hair down, you can also consider a half-up hair crown braid. It will pull the strands away from your face so you showcase your gorgeous features even more, while leaving you with cascading locks down your back.

2. Curled Half Up-do: This style can be seen prevalently on the red carpet as it maintains super glamorous qualities. Pin the upper half of your hair, making sure to give it a little tease for extra volume. Famous faces seen with this hot style include Eva Longoria, Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Love Hewitt. And if you’re not one to add some pouf to the top portion of your hair, you can part it on the middle or side for a demure Grecian-inspired look that’s made for a goddess. Use a large curling iron for big and bold waves or opt for a smaller one if you’d like to keep your curls tighter and more defined.

3. Soft Retro Waves: For a classic, Old Hollywood like that just so happens to be a favorite on the designer runway shows (along with the red carpet) is the sultry retro waves. It maintains a very polished wave and is a captivating choice that’s more subdued and sexy. Stars that really captured this look perfectly include Megan Fox, Kate Bosworth, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone and Jessica Alba. The best way to achieve this is, creating a dramatic side part and begin by curling two-inch sections of hair with a medium-barrel curling iron. After completing the first section, use a bobby pin to keep the curl intact close to your head and letting it cool. This will create the desired “S” shape curling pattern. Make sure to spritz hairspray with extra hold to keep them in perfectly chic, sleek and in place throughout the night.

4. Ballerina Bun: For a neatly coiffed up-do that will highlight your facial features, the ballerina bun is a gorgeous trend to consider for prom 2013. For ladies who love sleek hairstyles with not a hair out of place, this look will certainly stand as a prom beauty favorite. And the best part about this look is that it can literally take only minutes to put together. Simply pull your hair in place into a neat high ponytail, making sure to add in hairspray or your trusty hair product to keep the strands tight and in place. Then slip on a hair bun sponge through your ponytail and onto the crown of your head. Move around your hair in a manner that will cover the sponge and then bobby pin the extra hair strands around it. You’ll be surprised on how quickly you’ll be able to achieve this look. Stars that have made this a trendy favorite include Kourtney Kardashian, Whitney Port, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lauren Conrad.

5. Side-swept Bun: For those who prefer a more laidback style with a hip, bohemian flair the side-swept bun is a hot option to consider. As not everyone loves the perfectly set in place do, this look maintains a versatile quality so that you can wear it for day and well into the night. It’s a modern and playful alternative and for those attending prom, it may very be the ideal look to gravitate to, especially if you want a fresh and youthful vibe to complement your prom dress. Beautiful young celebs like Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Lauren Conrad.

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