Travel Essential: Bath & Body Works PocketBac

Since large part of the month will be spent on travel, I dropped by Bath & Body Works for some travel size pampering essentials. I included a few  PocketBac – my first time to buy – because I think they will come handy to cleanse off dirt and grime when water is not nearby.

I bought Hubby and I’s Zodiac sign. Little C is Capricorn but since the Little Ginger Bread Man looks really cute, I thought he will appreciate it more.

 To use a hand sanitizer effectively, make sure your hands are free of visible grime and dirt before applying the product. Then, apply a palm-full of product and rub vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds, making sure to distribute the sanitizer between your fingers, under your nails and jewelry, on your wrists and on the backs of each hand. When your hands are dry, you’re good to go.

Never rinse your hands with water or wipe them with a towel after using a hand sanitizer—this will counteract the effect of the product.

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