Trendy Music Gifts For The Boyfriend

This is easy if you live in the city right now. You can get him a Madonna concert ticket for June or you can also wait for J-Lo concert schedule soon to be released.

But for somebody like Jaeger whose boyfriend’s band will do the opening act for the much awaited June concert, here are some more ideas:

1. If you have been going out with him for a couple of years now, it is safe to buy Roland Amplifiers for him especially if he is more inclined to play the guitar.

2. Personalized guitar picks or personalized drumsticks also highly recommended.

3. You can also get him a coffee table book of legendary musicians.

4. Surprise him with an autographed music sheet.

5. But if you’re in a hurry and still on the early stages of the relationship, wait a little longer before you buy anything big and expensive. For now, you can get him an iTunes Gift Card.

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