Tuck in or out? How To Wear Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots are on my priority list to buy this year. I do own one – in an old rose color with lovely side stitching but I want a pair in neutral color. Something that I can wear with just about anything. But I still can’t decide the color: black or brown.

Anyway, the question for so many who wish to brave this side of fashion is what to wear with the boots. The possibilities are endless. Treat it like any other pair of boots and you will look more comfortable wearing it.

But just a few rundown, here’s your guide:

Cowgirl boots from bootcity.com

1. You need a good pair of quality cowboy boots. Remember that while cowgirl boots might be expensive, they will last you for a long time. Be sure to buy a neutral color that you can wear often such as black or brown. Also consider eye catching details such as contrasted stitching or hand tooled.

2. Buy a color within the shade of your wardrobe and accessories. This way, it will be easier for you to pull something out and practice wearing your cowgirl boots right away. You see, the trick is you don’t want to look like a wanna-be cow girl. Make it appear, you’ve been wearing them half your life that it really doesn’t matter anymore.

3. Tuck in or out? It’s a question that divides women who love this trend. My take is, if you are going to wear cowgirl boots with jeans, tuck them inside. Unless you are a in Grade IV attending a barn dance in pig tails. If you really wish to show off your boots’ pretty shaft, wear with shorts (no Daisy Dukes please), skirts, or airy sun dress.

4. And no you are not limited with those choices on number 3. Glam up your summer evening with the hottest season trend, the maxi dress. Pair your brown boots with a nude color, billowy maxi dress. Accessorize with gold tones such as cocktail rings and gold clutch finished off with barely there make-up. Yes you can pull that off. Just remember that the maxi needs to be in shimmery fabric and in only one color.

5. Stay away from anything checkered when wearing your cowgirl boots or you risk appearing in costume.

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  1. Cali says:

    Great tips on boot wearing!

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