Ultimate Wish: Christmas Family Holiday in Paris

It’s raining and we are stuck in the house. The weather is conducive for sleep so Little C took his afternoon nap an hour early. This gave Hubby and I some quality time. We finished a DVD copy of Colombiana (Zoe Zaldana is indeed one fine young actress)  then shared a warm mug of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate.

Perhaps feeling a little Christmassy with marshmallows floating in his huge white mug, Hubby asked where I wanted to spend Christmas. Paris, I said without batting an eyelash.

Champs Elysees and Arc De Triomphe

We’ve been there and it’s one city I would want to visit again. I wish I could spend Christmas in Paris – even just for once.  The City of Lights is always magical any time of the year but we were told it is even more so during the holiday season. There are plenty of Christmas treats for tourists who are blessed to spend their holidays in the French capital.

Imagine, if you can just find some deals on cheap family holidays in Paris, then you can have the chance to dine in a fancy restaurant while being amazed by the Eiffel tower and lighting decors all over town. The whole family can try out open-air skating as most Paris ice-skating rinks provide free entry and cheap skates rentals in line with jolly season. You can also visit Disneyland Paris as it offers the dreamy attractions and an elaborately decorated parade plus some other special festive events meant for a magical Christmas, especially for kids.

There are also tons of Paris Christmas markets which are worth checking out. They say that come Christmas time, wooden chalets mushroom all over Paris and they display special Christmas decors, toys, knits, clothes, crafted stuff, and other gifts. Some even offer regional gourmet specialties like spice bread and mulled wine. I wonder too how the Champs Elysees look like in Christmas time; the holiday decor at Galleries Lafayette, and how it all looks as you cruise by the River Seine.

Lastly, it would be legendary if you can attend the Christmas Eve mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral and then gather around the gigantic and lavishly decorated Christmas tree on the main plaza just before you head to a restaurant and share a sumptuous dinner together.


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  2. cherry says:

    paris…that would be the ultimate!

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