Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Watch Winder

The girls and I met yesterday to seal our Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s quiet hard to choose because of the shopping festival – where Further Reductions emblazoned in almost every window shop. Hence before we ran out of quality choices, we decided to shop around and see hopefully if our budget can still get us tickets to Cirque Du Soleil.

Hubby got an automatic watch for Christmas present. But it is of a submariner style, he only uses it on weekends opting instead to us his old Tissot for everyday office wear. I recall the staff suggested I buy a watch winder to go along with it. For the uninitiated, automatic watch only functions when you wear them.The movement of your wrist and body causes the rotor (a metal weight attached to a winding mechanism) to pivot freely on its staff in the center of the movement.

But my budget then was limited so Hubby has to manually wind his watch at the start of every weekend. Last night, after browsing through elegant Underwood watch winders, I figured then that is going to be my Valentine gift for him

If you have a serious watch collector man, you can never go wrong with a watch winder. They maybe a little expensive, between $200- $8,000 but they are like rare and specialty items that anybody who has one values it for a lifetime.

Underwood three-headed watch winder unit.

Three types of watch winder includes:

Functional: Such winders perform the duties of winding one or more watches. Generally, these units hold the watch on the exterior of the device. As such, they tend to need to be on a tabletop or somewhat tall shelf.

Elegant: These winders go beyond pure functionality and offer a nice form and exterior. Normally they are a completely enclosed box, often made of nicely finished wood or covered in leather. They are suitable for display on a desk or dresser.

Extravagant: As with many luxury items, the sky is the limit on options. Winders with heaters to keep the watch near body temperature, built-in storage drawers, and atomic-clock-synchronized time displays are some of the esoteric and beyond features available on some of the very high end winders.

Now the question, should I buy a winder that can handle one watch? Or go for multi-headed unit? The watch ‘bug’ seems to be getting on me too. Hmmnnn…

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