We Love UAE!!

Tomorrow is the big day. Happy, happy 41st Birthday UAE!! You are so well loved by your rulers, citizens, and residents including visitors! (I hope one day I can speak  the same for my own country)

Today, our family was invited again to spend a day at Jebel Ali Resort. I know, what a swish way to start December! They property celebrated the 41st UAE National Day so there were lots of guests and plenty of activities. You can read all the cultural happenings on my lifestyle blog.

As for the family, we started the day checking out the fabulous new outdoor infinity pool, then we revisited La Fontana before heading to join the celebration by the beach. We were just in time for the cultural wedding!

Enjoy the photos:

In all my years in UAE, only my second time to get a henna tattoo.

Plenty of local food! Hubby chose saffron flavored hot griddle cake while I went for the crisp balls dusted with sesame seeds.

Jebel Ali Resort’s new outdoor temperature controlled swimming pool.

This will be the property’s fourth infinity pool.

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  1. Dubai Living says:

    cool….looks you had a great time on the 41st birthday of UAE…….

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