What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

My first bottle of nail polish was a bright orange called Poetic Petra from NStyle Salon. I would have chose red or pale pink but it came along with GlamBox – which any recipient has no choice what to include on it. When I finally had the chance for my first pedicure spa courtesy of Sasha Salon, the young Indian woman assigned to me picked a fiery red bottle when I ask her to choose for me. Hiding my amusement for it is precisely the color I would pick, I asked her why.

Her reply: Your dress is sexy yet classic. It hugs your figure but gives nothing away. You are wearing thong sandals which means you are bold and adventurous. And you entered the salon asking straight away for  a trim on your locks. You are confident and can handle attention. Why wear any other color?

I throw back my head in laughter and so tempted to believe her. But I opted to keep my mouth shut and left her to apply her expertise on me. The result:

Really, why wear pink when red is as sexy as hell? Taken on the second week. Yes, the polish saw me through – after all the running and swimming.

Then I learned that they have this chart of nail polish color and its meaning. Next time you go for pampering and pedicure, try asking yourself, what does my choice of color say about me?

Fire-Engine Red: You’re sassy, self-assured, and not afraid to be dramatic. Bright red is a bold, look-at-me color that is a symbol for passion, fire, and confidence. You love the spotlight, and you take charge of situations.

Hot Pink: You’re spunky and energetic. Pink is a color that is associated specifically with women, and hot pink lets you show your spunk and spice.

Pale Pink: Painting your nails pale pink is a subtle expression. You are likely quiet, or at least you don’t want to stand out, and youthful. Pale pink is not significantly different from the color of your nails (if you’re caucasian), but you still want to show your soft side.

Black: Painting your nails black is a classic symbol of anti-establishment. It doesn’t mean you are depressed or going goth, but it’s a way of rebelling against the norm and showing some of the darkness in your personality.

Navy Blue: This is a color of sophistication and authority. Wearing this color on your nails tells people to listen up, because you’re in charge.

Aqua (Light) Blue: You’re showing the youthful and calm side of your personality when you paint your nails a light blue. Aqua is a cool color, a nonchalant color.

French Manicure: You are glamorous and professional. You don’t need a whole new color; your nails look good as they are, and you simply emphasize and define yourself.

Magenta: A combination of the reds, pinks, and purples, magenta is feminine but not flashy. You are vibrant and youthful, but you don’t need to be the center of attention at all times.

Orange: This color is bright and vibrant, for people who want attention drawn to them. It also symbolizes autumn and the changing seasons: a time of brightness and change.

Dark Brown: A dark and rich color, this shade of brown indicates boldness and authority. You like your nails like you like your men. Just kidding.

Maroon: Maroon is a warm color, a combo of red and purple, retaining the authority of red and the confidence of purple. It’s a mature, sophisticated color that, when worn on your nails, invites respect.

Coffee-Colored: You are earthy and energetic. Tan and light brown are earth tones, cool colors that bring you closer to Mother Nature.

Green: This color invokes images of vigor and the environment. Going “green” in your nail polish exudes earthiness and spunk.

Deep Purple: Purple is the color of royalty. Wearing it on your nails shows you have a confident personality, and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Lavender: You are graceful and collected. A combination of pink and purple, lavender is feminine and confident without the youthfulness of pure pink.

Tell me, which nail polish color do you tend to pick regularly?

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6 Responses to What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

  1. SassyChick says:

    Fire-Engine Red/Blood Red and other bright shade of red are my “signature” nail polish color. In fact, I have tons of nail polish in in red hues. That nail polish chart/meaning is so RIGHT!!!:-)

  2. teJan says:

    hmmm.. I always loves maroon on my nails but no idea how it means to me. I just thought it looks good on the skin I have:) Cant imagine its meaning..hehe. smiling mode*
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Aileen says:

    I always find myself going for black! 😀 Or bright red, either way, this is very interesting! And I totally agree with the black description.

  4. oh i enjoyed reading this hahaha. i have pale pink nails right now and yeah i have exactly a quiet and soft mood right now ahaha

  5. hihiih i am thinking of what I am. i like platinum and light pinks and nudes, pero i also like dark red, brown, fuchsia and violet. it depends upon my mood e 😀

  6. roviedear says:

    i put on entirely everything 😛 but i always go back to fiery red! haha


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