Whisk-Away Wednesday!

Today is generally the first day back to regular grind in the office. According to DailyMail, researchers found out that by now people are bored with tinkering and toying with their new presents so to beat the Christmas blues, they shift their attention to 2012 and book their annual summer vacation.

Popular vacation ideas for 2012 include Croatia for the reliable weather, Ukraine for the European footbal championships, and Spain because it is the cheapest among the Eurozone. Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Mexico follow closely. I admire how researchers could predict those things so closely. My cousin who is switching work and looking for pharmacist jobs abandoned his search for awhile and booked a three day get-away to Maldives.

Oh to have the money to burn! Given the chance, I would want to travel for two weeks to Japan. My good friend, Clarissa, sent me this map card of Japan two days ago. It can aptly serve as a tourist guide.

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