Why I Love My Pansy Print Tea Dress

Pansy Print Dress by Topshop

Blame it on my new Mademoiselle Ricci fragrance, I am all for flowers these days. My current dress of the month is  pansy print vintage style dress from British fashion store, Topshop.

I rarely visit Topshop because I can’t ever afford them at their regular price. But when they do go on sale, I check once in awhile and was amazed they can come as low priced as H&M. I got the dress for $8. I love everything about this vintage style tea dress. From the point collar dress trimmed with black lace to the woven cream fabric and most of all the dainty print of pansies.

The pansy is named from the French word “pensee” meaning thoughts, in particular the thoughts of lovers. The myth grew that you could see a loved one in the face of the pansy. It gets interesting as the legend tells the flower was originally white, and blushed bright purple where it was pierced by Cupid’s arrow. This accounts for the flower’s reputation of bringing thoughts of loved ones. Moreover, in Victorian times, the language of flowers evolved into a parlor game for sending secret messages to your girlfriend. A small bouquet of pansies meant “Think of me.”

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