Your Guide To Buying Bandeau Bikini

Undoubtedly the most popular style for pool side fashion, one should own a bandeau swimwear somewhere along their summer holidays. But with numerous style flooding every store with summer fast approaching, it can be a little overwhelming to find which one best flatters you.

Fret not, because here is a 5 point tip to consider when buying bandeau bikinis.

1. The Strapless Style. They are best suited for ladies with smaller bust. However, it provides very little support so this style risks flattening your chest. Choose those that with ruffles, beads, knot in the middle, ribbons, anything with embellishment to add volume to your chest.

2. The Halter Neck Style. This is perfect for women with larger bust. Opt for thinner straps to make the chest look less heavy and those that you can tie at the back for maximum support.

3. One-Piece Swimsuit. This revision of vintage style is increasingly becoming popular each summer. Contrary to what some think, this is not about hiding your curves for in a solid color, they show every bump and ripple. A one-piece bandeau swimsuit embraces and enhances your figure whilst being more conservative – and mysterious among the pack of bodies lounging by the poolside. What better way to get attention?

4. Print Galore. Bold and whimsical prints are best for those with boyish or rectangular figure. However, if you really like prints and you are on the regular size, opt for those with smaller graphics. Or you can go wild and daring with a leopard print.

5. Which color. White and neon brights widen a body frame. Block colors, especially royal blue is flattering for fuller-figure. And if you have darker skin tone, go for pastel colors.

Lastly, take your time shopping for swimsuit. Do not put it off the last minute. See that they fit you perfectly now – not next month because you are planning to starve yourself to squeeze in them. Set aside a special day as you would do when shopping for your intimates. And yes, practice wearing them before hitting your summer holiday. Nothing beats confidence when wearing a swimsuit.

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